Canadian Pride Stables 2009 Sire Dam Listing

  Please Note - This is a Model Horse Hobby site & is in no way real, any reference to real horses & pedigrees & strictly for entertainment & educational purposes

Hello and welcome to our Sire & Dam listing. Established in 1994, our specialty is Appaloosas & Miniature Horses.Our Appaloosa breeding program is very carefully thought out, which is reflective in our sires & dams as most have bloodlines which contain foundation blood and are harder to find in model horse pedigrees. Our Miniature Horse Division, Blueberry Ridge Miniatures is full of Champion lines of the past as well as some more sought after coat colors Even though we’ve reduced our number, the quality remains at our best. We have several champions residing here at CPS, many earned in Photo Shows, but a few from Live Showing

Our goal is to breed, raise and show people orientated, user friendly horses with that "do it all" attitude who in turn keep bringing home those red ribbons. We strive to bring you top quality bloodlines (real in most cases & are marked with [r] after their
name or [m] if they are model parents) to pass on champion traits and pleasing dispositions.

Read on and take a look at what we have to offer and we hope to hear back from you with a breeding request.

The following are a few guidelines we’d like you to follow when choosing our sires and dams:

* Foals must be 2 years younger than their Sire and 3 years younger than their Dam. I do not have my mares' open years listed, please send 3 foaling year choices when submitting a breeding, I will get back to you with the closest year available. Ageless foals are accepted, but they will be assigned a year of birth (for my records).

* Info needed on foal and other parent if not ours: Name, Breed, Gender, Color,Year of birth, Make/Mold, Owner’s Name & Stable Name. A 4 generation pedigree on the other parent is also requested but not required. BSO stock is accepted as well.

* Please note that there are some naming guidelines for certain breeds, they will be in italics below the Breed title

* All email breedings are free & are available as a rtf Attachment.

* Breeding Certificates include a 4 generation pedigree, Major Show Accomplishments & Offspring Records, Pictures upon request.

*To ensure realistic color genetics rules, its a good idea to have one parent the same color as the foal. Here is a good site - Offspring Coat Color Calculator -

* Italicized parents are pending & I don't have their full pedigree, so there may be a bit of a delay for certificates with these horses.

* It would be nice to hear from you from time to time to see how your foal is doing (IE. Show wins, race wins, progeny record etc)

* PLEASE NOTE: Some of our Stallions are shown as Geldings and are considered to have been gelded "recently" and therefore are able to have had previous foal crops

Thanks again for your interest & we wish you the best in the 2009 breeding season!

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